Partner Agreement

Article 1 Objectives

1) The Terms and Conditions of Mobile Index for Partner (“Terms and Conditions of Mobile Index for Partner” or “Terms and Conditions”) specify the matters on the membership conditions and use of the Partner Service of Mobile Index which is supposed to be supplied to the partner (“Partner”) which is supposed to supply data to IGAWorks (“Company”) as asked by the Company.

2) The Terms and Conditions for Partner take precedence over the Terms and Conditions of Mobile Index. The matters not specified in the Terms and Conditions for Partner shall follow the Terms and Conditions for Mobile Index.

Article 2 Definitions

1) "Partner" means a specific Mobile Index member who shares his / her own data with a company, receives a position as a Partner from the Company, and receives the exclusive service from the Company.

2) "Data" refers to information such as sales, the number of installations, etc. collected by the Company from third party services (eg, Google Play, Apple Appstore, etc.) of the Partner in accordance with the viewing rights provided by the Partner.

Article 3 Application and Registration of Partner

1) The applicant shall provide the Company with the right of reviewing the data that it has ownership over in accordance with the procedures required by the Company, apply for the membership of Partner to the Company in order to be a member.

2) The approval on the granting of membership of Partner to the applicant in the preceding Paragraph is determined by the Company's internal standards and procedures.

3) If the applicant has applied for membership but the company refused to grant the membership to the applicant, the Company shall destroy the data reviewing right provided by the Partner.

4) If the applicant is a group or a corporation, the individual applying for the partner must guarantee that he/she represents the group or the corporation. Also, even if the individual applying for the partner does not represent the company, in no event shall the Company bear any responsibility or obligation arising from it.

5) The type, method, and content of the data required by the Company before allowing the applicant to join the membership are subject to change depending on the change in the regulation of the Partner's third party services (eg Google Play, Apple Appstore, etc.), the use form of platform and the company’s situation.

6) The applicant’s application for a Partner means that it would share the data with the Company as required by the Company and authorize the Company to store such data, allow the Company to use it for the purposes specified in Section 4 of this Agreement and agree to all provisions of the Terms and Conditions for Partner.

Article 4 Data

1) The Partner must guarantee that it has all the rights and authority over the data provided by the Partner to the Company, and the Company shall not bear any responsibility for the damage caused by the Partner's data to the Partner or third party. If a dispute is claimed by a third party due to the data provided by the Partner, the Partner shall indemnify the Company at its own expense and responsibility.

2) The Partner grants to the Company a royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, sublicenseable, and transferable right for it data.

3) The Company has the right to make the estimation on the performance of applications or others using the data provided by the Partner and sell them either in paid for or for free or disclose it.

4) However, the Company will only use the data provided by the Partner for purpose of making the basic data to make estimates such as the performance of the application, and ensure that the data of the Partner is not directly exposed to the outside.

5) If a Partner wants to ask for withdrawal from a Partner or Member of Mobile Index, the Company will delete the Partner's account and account information (such as contacts, emails, and data access rights provided by the Partner) from the file. In this case, however, the data already provided to the Company will not be deleted.

Article 5 Benefits and status of Partner

1) The Company provides Partner with discount of mobile index fee service or exclusive service for Partner.

2) However, the benefits provided by the Company to the Partner may be changed at any time by the Company.

3) The status of Partner granted by the Company shall be maintained for a minimum of 3 months. However, the Company conducts a review on maintaining the status of the Partner every specified period of time, and renews the status of the Partner only to the Partner who has passed the review.

4) If The Company does not pass the reexamination as set forth in the preceding paragraph, it may notify the Partner of the discharge from the and take away the status as a Partner.

5) The schedule and criteria of the partner review are decided by the company at its own discretion.

Article 6 Miscellaneous

The Partners agrees that the Company may use the information of the Partner's membership, name of Partner's company, the app’s logo and icon for the publicity and marketing of the Company or Mobile Index.

< Addendum >

The Terms and conditions takes effective on 1 July 2016.